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Richard Grevers

Richard graduated with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering amid the recruitment downturn from the 1987 share market crash. So he spent a decade working in the performing arts - as a theatre technician, designer of theatrical lighting and sets, manager of tours and productions, manager and designer of marketing and advertising, and editor/publisher of an industry magazine.

Dramatic Design was born in 1999, incorporating print, web and theatrical design and pyrotechnics. Back-end development (in MivaScript — PHP barely existed then) was added to the mix as existing web software failed to meet needs.

Richard moved from Christchurch to New Plymouth in 2003, having commuted there while helping build the Freeparking domain management system. This marked his "retirement" from theatre, with a young family taking more of his time.. He worked full-time for WebFarm/Freeparking from 2005-2007, but has now relaunched Dramatic Design with a focus on web design and development.